What We Do

What makes us special is that we tailor our services to the specific needs of your business. We can draw on a range of tools and integrate them to provide something completely unique to suit your business needs. A typical engagement will include some of the following:


We provide provocative, value added, "ah-ha" analysis that changes the way you understand your business, the drivers of its success, and your competitors. Some of the tools that we may be use include customer/product profitability analyses, competitor analysis and profit mapping.

Strategy is not a dirty word! Done right, it forms the basis for making choices, effective delegation and empowerment. Tools such as strategy maps give you the power to communicate clearly what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it, as well as what you need to measure to track your progress.

Mount EverestPlanning
Planning is the how you get to your destination. We will help you create models for different planning options before you commit your business to a new direction. Our tailored financial models are intuitive and based upon the drivers of the business. They enable you to make changes to business parameters and see the effects of a new strategy.

Controls and Business Processes
We give you the tools to allow you to step back from firefighting and micro management and feel more confident that the right things are being done, controlling your business rather than being controlled by it. We create business processes that lock in best practice to avoid re-inventing the wheel whilst leaving room for personal judgment and initiative.

DashboardManagement Reporting
We work with you to create the reports that help you understand what is going on in your business. With the right reporting tools in place, you can track progress and are able to anticipate/react to changing circumstances.

Reliable Systems
The foundation for all management reporting and analysis is the set up and configuration of reliable systems. Get this wrong and you will be subjected to several versions of the "truth" that are all inconsistent. Get it right and you have a solid foundation for reporting and decision making.

Pile of pound coinsFinance Best Practice
We can help you improve your management of credit, stocks and purchasing. We make the Finance team trusted business partners rather than the quite guys in the corner worrying about debits and credits.

Overseas Opportunities
Having worked in China for several years, Jonathan Nicholls knows how to build a successful business there. We use this experience to advise businesses on the best way to set up and manage their business overseas.

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