J Nicholls & Associates

Business PlanJ.Nicholls & Associates is a consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes deliver exceptional results.  We take the time to understand your business and your needs, and work with you to make your business work better and more effectively.

Our approach goes beyond that of business consultants or traditional accountants, not least because we bring expertise that spans all key business functions from strategy, sales and  systems to manufacturing, marketing and management, from Logistics and Legal to Finance and Purchasing. We understand the needs of different business functions and how important it is to get them to work together to achieve your business aims and objectives.

Why Work With Us?
Some of our customers are frustrated that they are spending too much of their time on business operations, firefighting and administration rather than on what they are best at and enjoy, developing the business or adding value. Many lack the tools they need to support them in the management of their business. Some no longer feel in control. They may find it difficult to get reliable information needed to make good decision and to manage the business. They may be planning to take the business to the next level or experiencing rapid growth and lack the robust systems, processes and controls to make that happen. Or it could be that the business is simply not making as much profit or generating as much cash as it should be.

In too many businesses the finance function is focussed on VAT and financial reporting making little difference to the success of the business. If you want to transform your finance function into one that actively helps you manage your business better, a business partner that helps you to create profits then talk to us.

Our customers rely on us to provide an objective viewpoint and the expertise to help them make a step change to their business performance. We achieve this in partnership with them, getting to know what drives their business, developing the tools to manage business performance and giving them the opportunity to make their businesses work better.